Season 2020, let’s introduce!

Challenges, objectives, risks, means and skills to put in place, together with responsibilities: there are numerous aspects to a high-performance project and naturally Cécile Laguette is keen that nothing is neglected.

“You have to think of everything and be on top of it all”, explains the sailor, who applies herself on a daily basis in a bid to combine a sports challenge and a role as a company director, all too aware that in order to perform well on a circuit as demanding as that of the Figaro Bénéteau, it’s not enough just to be an excellent sailor. “We have to be able to manage every element of the project. There’s the sporting element as well as the technical, logistical and administrative preparation to take into account”, reveals the skipper of Eclisse, who’s chosen to make a few changes to her organisation this season, a move that notably includes joining Team Vendée Formation in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, north-west of La Rochelle. “I’m delighted to be able to be a part of a team with personalised support. I’m really happy to have intensive and closely monitored training, which takes place in a pleasant atmosphere with genuine sharing with regards to our performance. The resulting exchanges will be a big confidence boost for the coming season”, explains the sailor, who has also shaken up her entourage a little. 

Matthieu, my former préparateur, had some projects of his own so he’s given up his place to Ronan, who is now fully in charge of the boat as well as monitoring the suppliers. I’m taking care of all the rest, aside from the communication, which I’ve chosen to entrust to Marine”, explains the sailor-come-engineer, who is keen to surround herself with motivated people she can trust as she knows that such attributes are one of the keys to success. “As is the case in a company, you have to manage the different contributors. It’s a thrilling and very necessary part of bringing your project to a successful conclusion”.

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