Racing Schedule

Cecile has already competed in 2 offshore races of the 2017 Figaro Championship. In the last event, the Solo Concarneau, which finished last Sunday, Cecile finished within 1 hour of the Winner after 3 days offshore. Knowing that the top competitors have got between 5 to 10 years experiences on the circuit, it is a very encouraging result and gives Cecile plenty of motivation to fight harder and reduce that gap to eventually score some top places on the circuit.
The next event is the Solo Maitre Coq from the 24th until the 30th of April. It is a combination of inshore races and a big offshore. “The Solo Maitre Coq is a very competitive event. We have to be good both inshore and offshore, with 2 days of coastal racing and the 3 days of offshore. We have to be all rounded and perform well in both. It is really exciting”.  You can follow Cecile on the tracker here and get the latest news on racing on her facebook page here.

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