RACE ANALYSIS: Results from the “Le Havre Allmer Cup” and the “Solo Normandie”.

Returning to France in April, Cécile Laguette got straight back on the horse on the demanding Figaro Bénéteau circuit, on the attack in the mid-season races with the Le Havre Allmer Cup and the Solo Normandie – Crédit Agricole on the programme, which are the 4th and 5th events that count towards the French Elite Offshore Racing Championship 2018. “Being straight and honest, I must admit that the return to solo sailing hasn’t been as easy as all that after a year’s absence. Despite that, I’ve tried to take stock as much as possible so that I just take away the positive things from my experience. I’m really keen not to cut corners”, commented the sailor, well aware that her rivals have been getting in lots of training sessions and time on the water on the craft since the end of last season. “Though I wasn’t expecting my return to be quite so hard, I have managed to feel things I’ve never felt before in the Figaro. In this way, though the two races didn’t pan out so well in terms of results (26th and 19th), they have enabled me to test out a few theories and rediscover my automatic reflexes”, adds Cécile, already focused on the Solitaire Urgo – Le Figaro. “It’s been a short season for getting everything back in place, but I’m working on it and things are heading in the right direction. I’m currently fine-tuning my roadbook for the Solitaire as I wait for my boat to be relaunched on 6 August”, says the skipper of Eclisse, who will have a few days to trial her new sails before heading off to Le Havre, from where the event will set sail on Sunday 26 August at 13:00 hours.

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