How well do you know Cecile Laguette ?

How well do you know Cécile Laguette? You certainly know the skipper well by now, but the woman herself a little less so. To discover more about her, we’re offering you a few choice questions from Proust’s famous questionnaire (at times re-examined).

Your sound or noise: that of the Tibetan bowl used in Natha yoga to meditate
Your favourite swearword or bad language: A word that begins with an F in English, which really isn’t very polite.
Your favourite quality in a man: I’m sensitive to both kindness and honesty
In a woman: same thing
What you like most about your friends: I have friends pretty much all over the world and hence from different cultures, but the common link in all of them, and something I appreciate, has to be their enthusiasm and the fact that they’re always working flat out.
Your biggest flaw: I’m sometimes a little too demanding of myself and in some instances that can prove to be counterproductive.
Your favourite sailing conditions: when you’re sending it along under spinnaker and you’re going fast.
What do you like eating at sea: I don’t have a very sweet tooth, I’m more into parmesan and Prosciutto di Parma.
What would you have liked to have done if you weren’t a sailor: an activity combining yoga, fitness and sports nutrition
Your country for experiencing that: New Zealand, though I’m aware that we do pretty well here in France too
Your heroes: I have a fair few, but to name just a couple of them I’d mention Richie McCaw, the captain of the All Blacks, a real leader, but above all a very humble character, or Lorna Jane who inspires something very cool in her clothing brand to my mind.
What do you sing when you’re at sea: I listened to music in the Volvo Ocean Race but in the Figaro, as you’re flat out the whole time, I listen to podcasts instead. So in fact I don’t sing much, at least I don’t think so (laughs)!
What do you detest most: hypocrisy
The natural gift you’d have liked: I’d have liked to have been able to surf big waves. To my mind, to attack monstrously big waves, you have to have a gift.
The faults you’re most forgiving of: I would say nothing is unpardonable when you learn from your mistakes

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