A skipper, but that’s not all…

Managing to combine a sporting challenge and the role of business leader: such is the challenge for Cécile Laguette. “You need to need to think of everything. Manage everything”, the sailor explains, well aware that in order to post a stellar performance on such a demanding circuit as that of the Figaro Bénéteau, it’s not enough just to be an excellent sailor. “We have to be capable of managing our project as a whole. Naturally, there is a sporting element, but there are also technical, logistical and administrative elements to take into account”, says the skipper of Eclisse, supported by Mathieu, her boat captain. “We have been working together for the past year. He is 100% in charge of the boat as well as monitoring the suppliers. We share the task of supplying according to the availability of each person. I take care of all the rest, save for the communication, which I’ve chosen to entrust to the RivaCom agency”, explains Cécile, all too aware that even with a great team around you, at some point you have to get it all straight in your own head and make sure you’re on top of every element aboard. “It’s essential if you are to have an overview of the situation”.

Your time? This is structured in a relatively defined way. “I spend around 70% of my time on the water (training sessions and races) between January and September. At the same time, I do two indoor physical fitness sessions a week, to which I add swimming and fun-cardio sessions, by which I mean running, stand up paddleboarding, surfing and cycling”, explains the sailor come engineer, who has also been putting a lot of work into her mental preparation in collaboration with Gérard Vaillant since March 2017. “As with any venture, you have to manage various contributors. It’s thrilling and a real necessity if you are to be successful in your project”, stresses Cécile Laguette.


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